What is E-Commerce image editing?

Excellent product pictures are important to the e-commerce industry. A poor quality image with low details can create a bad impression on your business, losing potential customers from your website. Hence, you need to edit e-commerce product images before displaying them on the website.

And there are many photo editing tools and techniques available that allow you to edit your product photos before uploading them—with the right size, color, and resolution! Below are a few practices that most photo editing professionals do.

Top 10 E-Commerce Image Editing Practices Professionals Do

Product photography is the most prevalent and essential aspect of e-commerce marketing, and it is crucial to create an appealing product image for e-commerce websites.

Let’s talk about how E-commerce Image Editing works.

Photo Cropping and Resizing

Resizing involves adjusting an image’s dimensions without distorting its proportions. Product photographs must be adjusted to meet the platform’s specifications where they will be displayed. Different image sizes that adhere to each E-commerce/social media platform’s style guide are required.

You can eliminate an image’s outer margins by cropping to improve the composition or frame. The image’s aspect ratio could be distorted by this method, though. Thus, utilizing an editor that enables cropping while retaining the aspect ratio is usually recommended.

Colour Correction

Recall back to when all of our pictures were in black and white! Well, B&G photos are cool, but color can evoke feelings and give a product an emotional pull. A sparkling, bright red apple will always triumph over a rusty, drab one. Contrarily, a product image may become less appealing if a single shade of color fades.

A simple photo editing feature called “color fixing” can be used to equal out uneven lighting or address the color imbalance by altering brightness, saturation, and contrast.

Clipping Path

Clipping specialists use the basic add-on to learn the clipping path technique. Only the components found within the path are used for the final cut. It is a hand-drawn method that works well for showing subjects in various methodological contexts.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

It is an effective method for photographing clothing goods because it offers a great showcasing option. The ghost mannequin procedure is used to make a 360° image for e-commerce sites.

This ghost effect strategy provides excellent value for the money spent on online business promotion. It also reduces costs and boosts sales because a real model is not needed.

Background Removal

With this picture editing technique, removing the distracting portion of the product backdrop is beneficial. If necessary, extract or divide the irritating scene region from a certain object from other components assembled with it. A great method to stand out from the competition is to display a gorgeous visual illustration.

Photo Masking

Customers like photos with transparent backgrounds. Image masking is a technique that uses a unique source to satisfy various demands for image quality enhancement. It makes the products more appealing to customers in the online marketplace because unappealing visuals could turn them away.

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Grain Removal

A blurry and indistinct image is the result of noise and grain. This eCommerce picture cleaning procedure is intended to make the image’s purpose obvious and well-equipped. The method entails eliminating undesirable elements from the image.

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is a contentious art form that unquestionably calls for a high level of expertise and accuracy. Throughout this process, many platforms, such as online commerce, the silver screen, public relations firms, etc., use the services of catalogs, brochures, magazines, etc.

Photo Retouching

Would you buy a product that already seems defective in the photos? You tend not to. With this method, you can get rid of wrinkles and other flaws, adjust the brightness and lighting and remove or add color. Utilize our reasonably priced photo editing service to retouch your images.

Shadow Creation

Make your company’s goods or accessories look more alluring and genuine. The editors put a realistic-looking visual effect using the drop, natural, or reflection shadow. This approach contributes to and intensifies the shadow effect around an image, depending on the photo.

Final Words

In the e-commerce sector, you should first consider developing a website that will entice the visitor to stay and browse for a while. And using visuals is the most effective approach to getting attention!

So, if you wish to operate an online store, you should be aware of the benefits of investing in high-quality images. Focus on it and see how your business gets a turnaround in the online marketplace!

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