MBBS In Kazakhstan Fee Structure At Top Medical Colleges

MBBS in Kazakhstan, MBBS fees in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan is a highly reputed course for all medical aspirants as all the best medical universities in Kazakhstan are recognized by WHO, USMLE, IMED GMC, and PMC. Many reputed universities in Kazakhstan are offering MBBS courses in Kazakhstan so that Pakistani students can realize their dreams. Kazakhstan has one of the MBBS in Kazakhstan Fee Structure. Every year, more than 5,000 Pakistani students arrive in the country and more than 60,000 medical students take medical exams.

Therefore, Kazakhstan is a leading national medical university. Kazakhstan’s medical schools are undoubtedly shining stars among many medical schools, which is why MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is the first choice for most medical students. To study medicine in Kazakhstan, you must have a 50% score in PCB.

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The main features of MBBS studies in Kazakhstan:

  • October registration.
  • 10+2 Grade requirement 50 in PCB
  • MDCAT requirement Yes
  • Fee structure $3000-$5500/year
  • Hostel $200-$260/month
  • Duration 5 years
  • Language of instruction English

Top Medical Universities of Kazakhstan National Medical University

Accreditation PMC and WHO accredited

List of medical universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Southern Kazakhstan Medical University

Astana Medical University

Al-Farabi University of Kazakhstan

Disciplines at Kazakh medical universities

MBBS Kazakh University offers graduates a variety of medical courses.

Traineeships in public hospitals are offered.

Five-year MBBS course.

There are different options to obtain a five-year medical degree.

Students can complete a five-year course in dentistry.

Kazakh medical universities offer a four-year degree in pharmacy.

Here you can get a job in the field of medical research.

Duration of MBBS courses in Kazakhstan

MBBS courses in Kazakhstan last five years.

In Kazakhstan, it takes four years to complete MBBS clinical studies.

Graduates must study for another year in an internship.

Language of study in Kazakhstan

The language of instruction in the MBBS program in Kazakhstan is English.

Students learn the local language and

This will help them to communicate with locals during their placements.

MBBS entrance exams in Kazakhstan

Entrance exams vary from university to university in Kazakhstan.

In general, the admission process for MBBS programmes in Kazakhstan ends on 15 July in most universities.

Therefore, MBBS applicants are advised to apply for MBBS admission in June.

Generally, MBBS courses in medical education in Kazakhstan start in August-September.

How to apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan

The following are some of the admission criteria that students need to meet in order to get admission into MBBS. It is very easy to meet the criteria set by the University of Kazakhstan.

Applicants must be at least 17 years old.

The applicant must have passed the 10+2 exam.

Applicants to medical school must score 50% in the 12th class examination.

In Kazakhstan, the combination of subjects to be used for MBBS places must be Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

The applicant must be qualified to take the MDCAT as required by the University of Kazakhstan.

To study medicine in Kazakhstan, the applicant must have a valid passport.

According to PMC regulations, ST/SC/OBC candidates must score at least 40% in the same examination.

Documents required for admission to MBBS Kazakhstan 2022-23

Candidates who wish to get admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan must submit the required documents.

Class 10th and Class 12th diplomas are required.

10th and 12th class diplomas must be submitted.

A copy of the passport is required for admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Five passport-size photographs are required for admission to MBBS.

A police certificate must be submitted.

Proof of bank balance is required for medical studies in Kazakhstan.

Please bring your student visa with you.

You will need to submit an objection.

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MBBS entrance exams in Kazakhstan

Entrance examinations for universities in Kazakhstan are very easy. Candidates can easily follow all the steps to get admission in MBBS in this country. The steps are listed below.

First, the applicants for medical studies must fill out the university application form.

To apply for the MBBS program in Kazakhstan, you need to fill in the application form with the correct data.

After that you will need to submit all the necessary documents to the department for work with foreign students.

The acceptance or rejection of the application form depends entirely on the university.

At this stage, applicants will receive a letter with an invitation to apply for admission to MBBS Kazakhstan.

After receiving the admission letter, you can apply for a student visa at the Embassy of Kazakhstan.

At this stage, the Embassy may invite applicants for an interview.

There is a fee for submitting the application.

After receiving the visa, applicants can fly to Kazakhstan.

Why is it worth studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?

When you are invited to apply for a Master of Business Administration in Kazakhstan, the first thing you are asked about is your reputation. I am sure you are wondering why you chose this country – are there any other foreign universities to choose from? What reasons play a role in attracting a good offer every year? If you want to know why read on.

The international education system helps candidates to get an intensive medical education

The cost of admission to MBBS can be found here.

There are many medical specialists who can help you in your medical practice.

All universities in Kazakhstan offer various medical courses for undergraduate students.

MBBS in Kazakhstan offers excellent opportunities to build a career in medicine.

Kazakhstan universities are recognized by PMC, UNESCO, and the World Health Organization.

The ratio of teachers and students in Kazakhstan is 1:10.

The language of instruction in Kazakhstan MBBS is English.

There is an opportunity to learn new languages such as Russian, Kazakh, and others.

No language exam is required for admission to the MBBS program in Kazakhstan.

Well-known teachers will guide candidates in important medical issues.

After the second year, candidates will have the opportunity to undergo an internship in a state hospital.

If you wish, you can apply for medical internships in private hospitals.

Here medical students will have the opportunity to gain global experience.

Scholarships for exceptional candidates

Universities in Kazakhstan organize many international conferences and student exchange programs.

You can settle and study medicine in Kazakhstan.

You can conduct medical experiments in well-equipped laboratories.

The Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan has recently introduced a credit system of study whereby applicants can receive credits.

Students who choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan will be able to return home for holidays.

Pakistani students will be able to taste Pakistani cuisine.

No need to worry about safety as the locals are very friendly.

Also, there are many renowned professors in Kazakhstan to help you in your medical-surgical training.

There are many top universities that offer intensive training to candidates.

Also, the application of the latest medical technology attracts many students from all over the world.

On the other hand, the best part is that you don’t need to take any exams.

MBBS Fee Structure in Kazakhstan 2022-23.

Name of the university Tuition fee/year Accommodation fee/year

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 4600 USD 800 USD

Astana Medical University 4100 USD 600 USD

Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi 3500 USD 400 USD

Disclaimer: Study Europe Consultants confirms that the above tuition fees are not subject to change and are subject to change without prior notice to students. In addition, the amount is in US dollars and not in Pakistani rupees. For accurate information on tuition fees, accommodation, living costs, and the cost of converting US dollars to Pakistani rupees, please contact our Study Europe experts.

Best Medical Universities in Kazakhstan 2022-23

Getting an MBBS degree in Kazakhstan is the dream of many young students who want to study medicine in prestigious universities. Medical universities in Kazakhstan that offer students medical education at a fair and affordable price are one of the most popular reasons why students from all over the world choose to study in Kazakhstan.

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