Jane EHR Software Review

Jane EHR software is an easy-to-use program that connects clinicians and their clients, making admin and charting simple. Clinicians enjoy the ability to easily update their version of the program, which helps keep their system current. This makes it easy for clinicians and staff to collaborate. Clinicians also appreciate that Jane EHR software always has the latest version available.

Dictation is a feature

The software offers dictation features for both Mac and Windows users. Dictation is enabled by tapping the fn or ctrl key twice. This function can be customized using the system preferences. Once the system recognizes dictation keys, users can dictate notes by using their voice.

Automated intake forms

If you’re struggling to send out intake forms on time, Jane Ehr software is the way to go. It lets you customize forms and add personalized introductions. Once you’ve customized the form, you can either send it automatically or manually. Jane can even merge forms to create a single intake form.

Jane also has fields for patients’ profiles. If Jane knows a particular information, it will automatically populate the fields. It also allows the patient to change the fields. The most common fields are First Name, Last Name, and Email. The software also lets you customize the text in each field.

Jane also has an online booking feature, making it easy for patients to book appointments with you. Patients who visit your website can book appointments right away, without having to leave the website. With Jane, booking appointments is quick and easy, and it integrates seamlessly with your clinic’s schedule. Jane also lets you follow up with patients after they’ve visited your office. Patients can also leave feedback via email so that you’ll know if the process was successful or not.

COVID-19 Features

Jane also includes a feature called COVID-19 screening questionnaire, which is important for determining the risk for a certain illness. With this feature, you can send a COVID screening form to patients without having to type their answers in each question. Jane will then automatically send the completed questionnaires to the patient’s chart.

The program also has a template system for intake forms. You can customize the text and format of individual components to meet your practice’s needs. There are even options for adding extra fields for clients, such as previous appointments. The system will also allow you to customize the language used and set the required fields.

Automatic ratings & reviews

The automatic ratings feature in Jane Ehr software allows you to easily monitor your practice’s effectiveness. You can also preview the email patients receive about their visits to your practice. The automated system will even direct patients to post testimonials on Google. However, it is important to check the permissions of your governing body before marketing testimonials.

This software includes features like online booking, billing and invoices. It is also easy to use and has a good user interface. The software also includes automatic appointment reminders, which reduces the risk of missed appointments. It has customizable reporting, too, which means you can make it exactly how you want it to look.

Jane’s intuitive design ensures a smooth learning curve for new users. The clean interface makes it easy to navigate through the software, and increases your productivity. In addition, the software automatically records ratings and reviews from patients, which will help you improve patient care and customer service. If you’re looking for a chiropractic software that will help you keep your practice running smoothly, Jane is a great choice. you can check athenahealth EHR Software.

Meaningful use

If you’re looking for software that will streamline your clinical processes and provide a more personalized experience for your patients, Jane Ehr may be the solution for your needs. The software features a wait list feature that allows you to add clients who are interested in getting an appointment. Each entry can be associated with a specific group or clinician, and it also allows you to note when a client is available to book an appointment. The system also allows you to enter an end date for the wait list, so you’ll need to have a strategy in place if someone falls off the list.

To make sure she was meeting meaningful use requirements, Dr. Driscoll sought guidance from a certified EHR software vendor. She carefully reviewed both the core measures and the menu set measures. She also asked her staff to complete the meaningful use assessment during the first month of use. This gave her the opportunity to evaluate the system and determine if it worked as promised.

Jane Ehr is an integrated practice management system for behavioral health practitioners. It is an online platform that can be accessed on any device. It provides branded online booking, beautiful scheduling, insurance management, custom electronic documentation, patient reminders, and integrated payment processing. In addition to these features, Jane also has customizable branding options and a flexible Client Portal that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your practice.


The Jane EHR is a powerful cloud-based practice management solution for chiropractors. Developed by a chiropractor and a software developer, this software has become the practice management tool of choice for chiropractors across the world. The Jane EHR is an affordable, feature-rich solution with modern features. It offers a number of benefits, including a low price of $74 per month.

The Jane software includes billing and scheduling, and also integrates with herbal inventory, insurance, and email marketing. It is specifically designed for acupuncturists and TCM practitioners, and is priced at $75/month for a basic plan and $25/user for each additional user. The software is compatible with Mailchimp, but the company does not sign the BAA, which means that users will need to purchase a separate subscription for each user.

Jane EHR software includes features such as online booking, which makes it easier for patients to book appointments. Patients can also cancel and reschedule their appointments. It integrates with the clinic’s workflow and saves time by automating many tasks. It also reduces clinic paper waste and costs. The software makes it easy to access all files, including patient charts.

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