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IELTS Test Tips On How To Get High Results In Writing And Speaking

The IELTS test is one of the best-known English language tests for foreigners. It covers basic writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills and is an important indicator of participants’ English language ability. It should also not be overlooked as a useful tool not only for improving communication skills but also when moving to an English-speaking country. In this article, we will focus on two main areas: writing and speaking.

There are two types of IELTS exams: IELTS Academic, which prepares students for study at universities and professional institutions in English-speaking countries, and IELTS General Training, which prepares students for work and immigration in English-speaking countries.

The written test consists of two tasks, Task 1 and Task 2, each lasting 20 and 40 minutes respectively, for a total of 60 minutes; in IELTS Academic students are asked to describe, summarize and discuss diagrams in their own style, while in Task 2 students are asked to write an essay on an issue or point of view. In Task 2, you are asked to write an essay in response to a question or opinion.

You are encouraged to write your answers in a serious and formal style, whereas in IELTS Training Course in Dubai Task 1 you are asked to describe a situation and write a letter, and in Task 2 you are asked to write an essay. Here the style is freer and students can write in a semi-formal style. However, it is advisable to maintain a certain degree of formality, as informality, on the other hand, is not desirable and can cost valuable marks at the assessment stage.

Key advice

The British Council and various websites offer free tests and sample tests. Use them as much as possible and practice as much as you can.

Learn to manage your time A key component of this area is time management. Practice finding out how much time is needed to complete the tasks and plan your answers accordingly. This way, you will not get caught up and pressed for time during the exam.

 Also paying attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes will be penalized.

Don’t forget the word count; for Task 1 you must write at least 150 words and for Task 2 250 words. A simple but effective tip for getting the word count right is to always write around 10 words. This way you do not have to count every word to make sure you meet the requirements. Count only about 15 or 25 lines, depending on the number of tasks.

Finally, read the result carefully to check that you have not made a mistake and that you are writing in the correct formal style. Doing so will give you an advantage over others who ignore this advice. Remember every point counts!

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