How to be a youtuber?

YouTube is a trending profession in this time. All of are want to make money from you. Aren’t you? If you want, this article for you. Follow this up to bottom step by step.

Come up with a Concept

When you’re creating your channel, it’s important to think about what kind of content you want to make. Think about the audience and their needs. What do they find interesting? Do they like music videos or comedy sketches? Think about what aspects of your life are most relevant to them and then figure out how those things can be reflected in the videos themselves.

  • What do I want my channel to be?
  • Who am I making this for?
  • How will my channel help them (if at all)?
  • Who would benefit from watching my video(s)?

Build an Audience

To build an audience, you need to create a username that’s easy for people to remember and type into search engines. You should also research how much traffic each of your videos gets, so you can plan out how often and where your content will be posted.

A good channel description is essential for getting new viewers interested in what you have to say! It should include information about who’s talking (e.g., age, gender) as well as why they’re talking (e.g., hobbies).

You’ll want a channel banner that appeals visually but doesn’t distract from the video itself—don’t choose one that includes too many colors or has large text blocks since those tend not only hurt visibility but also make viewers feel overwhelmed by something they don’t understand at first glance.”

Get Equipment

  • Camera: There are different kinds of cameras, but the most important thing is that you have one. If your camera doesn’t have a wide angle lens or high quality video settings, you won’t be able to get the best possible shots for your videos.
  • Microphone: Your microphone should also be good quality and not only because that’s what everyone else has (you don’t want people thinking that your channel has poor audio). You need a good microphone so that when people hear what they’re saying on their end, they feel like they can trust it too—and if they don’t feel confident in what’s coming out through the mic, then no one will watch!
  • Laptop: You’ll also need an internet connection at home or work so that you can upload videos regularly; otherwise all those hours spent trying out different editing software could go down the drain if something happens while uploading or downloading data over WiFi bandwidth instead of cellular data service (which costs more money per month than DSL does).

Start Your Channel

  • Start your channel
  • Upload a video. If you’re just starting out, this is the most important part of setting up your channel. You want to make sure that people know who you are and what they can expect from watching your videos. A good way to do this is by uploading a short introduction video with some basic information about yourself (or even just “Hi!”). You may also want to include some examples of past work, such as past videos or photos from when someone else was recording them on their phone camera!
  • Create a username for yourself on YouTube and Instagram/Twitter accounts so people will be able to find them easily when searching through search results online—this step is especially important if there aren’t already many other channels already created under these usernames since it’ll give users an idea about who created each account before clicking through further down into said page–and also because having multiple people posting content at once can get confusing sometimes; try not posting too much more than once per day though 🙂

Write Out a Script

The best way to keep your viewers engaged is by writing a script. A script is a list of instructions that tell the viewer what you want them to do, and how long it should take for them to see results. You can use one of these two methods:

  • Write out every word or phrase on paper or in text format, then type up the whole thing (this is usually what we recommend). This method gives you more freedom with editing later, but also makes it harder for people who don’t know how video works—it might be confusing if they don’t understand why something was cut off mid-sentence!
  • Create an outline of what needs explaining first and secondarily; this will make sure everyone gets their explanations across clearly so nobody misses anything important.

Edit Your Videos

Editing your videos is one of the most important things you can do to make them better.

Your video will be judged by how well it flows and what kind of editing you use. It’s also important to edit differently in different genres, whether it’s a comedy video or a serious interview with a famous person. If you want to get more subscribers, then try making videos about topics that people care about and introducing new ideas into the world!

Regularly Upload Content

You should upload content at least once a week. If you’re not sure how often to upload, start with once every two or three days and work your way up from there.

Uploading too often can be detrimental to your channel’s growth and popularity: viewers only want to see fresh content, so they’ll quickly lose interest if you post something new every day (or even every other day). So don’t feel bad if you only get around fifteen views per video! It’s still better than nothing!

It is not Easy to be a YouTuber but it is Possible

It is not easy to be a youtuber but it is possible. You need to be creative, determined and work hard. You also need originality, patience and consistency. The best way of doing this is by practicing every day so that you can become more focused on what you are doing as opposed to other things in life that might distract from your goals as a YouTuber!


Hope you have find all of your answers which was in your mind. So why let? Start your YouTube journey, Best of luck!

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