How to be a Good Student?

As a student, it’s important to be prepared for new things. You have to have self-discipline and motivation in order to succeed in school. It’s also important to stay positive and make sure that you’re ready for anything life throws at you.

Be Ready to Learn

  • Be ready to learn
  • Be ready to work
  • Be ready to study, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time
  • Get your homework done on time and make sure you’re doing well in class
  • Keep up with all of your school assignments and classwork

Be Motivated

If you are motivated, then it will be easier for you to do your homework and study. You should want the best grades in school so that other people will think of you as a good student. If someone else has more knowledge than you do, then ask them how they learned it so that you can use their advice too!

If someone asks for help from another student or teacher, then don’t feel bad about asking them again later on because everyone needs help sometimes!

Be Responsible

Be responsible.

This is the most important thing you can do as a student, and it’s also one of the easiest. Being responsible means being on time for class, prepared for class, honest about what you know in class (so that other students don’t feel stupid), reliable about showing up for assignments and tests (and not missing them), independent in completing your work without needing constant supervision from others or asking too many questions when there aren’t any answers available yet—and lastly but not leastly: being responsible means listening well to what people say so that they can explain themselves clearly.

Be Positive

  • Be positive.
  • Be positive about yourself, your abilities and teachers.
  • Be positive about the subject matter you’re studying. It is important to have a good attitude towards what you are learning, as this will help you to retain it better in the long run.
  • You should always try your hardest when doing any work or homework; if something doesn’t come easily then don’t worry about it too much! You can always ask for help if necessary (or even just googling some answers). Don’t let anything get you down!
  • Your future is bright no matter where life takes us next; so keep on dreaming big dreams so that they won’t seem impossible anymore!

Three things that You Must do to Become a Good Student

  • Be ready to learn.
  • Be motivated and work hard.
  • Be responsible for your own actions and decisions, as well as those of others.


In short, being a good student means being responsible and motivated. You must be willing to learn and practice new skills. You also need to be positive in order to succeed at schoolwork. If you follow these three tips, then there is no doubt you will be able to achieve your goals in life!

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